Heavy Workout Chains

There are many reasons why you should use chains in your workouts. And if you are reading this article and came here purposefully then you probably already know them – the variable resistance, momentum and pure strength. But there are so many workout chains, so you can ask “Do all chains work in the same way?”. Well, from a logical standpoint, yes. But here the matter is rather whether all chains have the same application. After all, there are many chains on the market. There are thin long chains, there are thick short chains, there are lighter samples, there are also heavy workout chains. Why does anyone need so many options?

Heavy Workout Chains

Are there any standards?

Well, in short, no. Each manufacturer produces chains in such a weight and size as it sees fit. The weight of chains directly depends on their length. Remove a couple of links, make them shorter by a foot, and the difference will already be noticeable. The same applies to the size of the links. There are thin chains for beginners, and there are huge monstrous products for advanced athletes. However, since there are not so many manufacturers and types of chains that they produce, they can still be divided into the most common types.

  • Weight

Well, after studying the offers on the market, it can be concluded that the most common weight options are 28 (30), 44 (45) and 60 lbs. But sometimes there are more exotic examples available, like 53 or 64.5 lbs.

  • Length

Everything is pretty much simple here. The most common lengths are 4, 5, and 6 feet. Given the variety of weights, we have a huge choice of options. Depending on the application, you can take longer light chains for a lighter workout, or you can take short heavy workout chains. It depends.

  • Size

Luckily, there are only two of the most common options – 1/2 and 5/8 inches. Perhaps there are others, but these seem to be the most standardized.

What type of chains is optimal?

It depends on a huge number of factors. First and foremost is your experience. If you’re still a beginner, then you better not look at those thick heavy workout chains. They require special attitude. To begin with, the lightest thin chains will do. You can do all the usual basic exercises with them. Long chains are best suited for pull-ups, dips, and also for squats. Shorter chains are better used in push-ups, bench press or deadlift. In general, there are no clear rules, and you have the right to choose the most suitable option.

Here is the table for reference:

28 (30) lbs.4’1/2’’
44 (45) lbs.5’5/8’’
60 lbs.6’

Hope you will find out which type of chains is the most suitable for you and make the best benefit out of them.

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Weight Lifting Chains
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by Bradley Ferrell on Weight Lifting Chains
Location (City, State): Jackson, WY

A good set of chains is always nice to have in the garage gym. Properly made they will last forever. But keep in mind that you want them to be rust resistant if your place has a moisture problem or even if it has not.

by Kent Brumley on Weight Lifting Chains
Location (City, State): NY

If you are into workout, sooner or later you will face the need to transform your routine into something more efficient. And once that happens there is the only way to go - to start using chains and feel a completely different level in your regular exercices.

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