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8 Hidden Benefits of Olympic-Style Weightlifting for All ...
    Weight lifts are more than just training to improve athletic power; they are part of the equation for improving discipline. While this article is a defense of the Olympic-style lifts, it’s also a template for coaches to rethink everything they do and realize what is possible in all sports with just a few exercises.

Learn The Olympic Lifts: Snatch And Clean And Jerk ...
    Jul 23, 2018 · As a weightlifting competitor and CrossFitter, I'm firmly in the pro-snatch camp. I think it's a shame people don't do the "Olympic" lifts and feel sad when trainers clutch their pearls at the thought of allowing their clients to perform such "dangerous maneuvers."

Get Swole with the Olympic Lifts - Muscle & Performance
    Six derivative moves that will improve your Olympic lifts and overall muscularity include the following lifts. Front Squat. While the barbell back squat remains the go-to move for total-body mass, deep Olympic-style front squats are the perfect remedy for bodybuilders with underdeveloped quads.

Olympic Weightlifting versus Powerlifting What's the ...
    Mar 14, 2017 · Olympic weightlifting focuses on performing two ballistic lifts overhead with good technique known as the clean and jerk, and the snatch. Powerlifting , on the other hand, is less technical and focuses more on completing three, controlled, heavy lifts known as …Phone: 021-2545-4800 : Olympic-style Weightlifts
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Advanced understanding of Olympic-Style Weightlifting
    Some of the major misconceptions concerning Olympic-style weightlifting for sport are addressed in this article, providing evidence-based recommendations to better implement the snatch, clean and jerk, and their derivatives in the training of high school and collegiate athletes.

Thai weightlifter sets Olympic Record in Women's 58kg ...
    Aug 22, 2016 · Thailand's Sukanya Srisurat sets a new Olympic Record and wins gold in her first Olympic Games by lifting 110kg. ... Thai weightlifter sets Olympic Record in Women's 58kg Weightlifting ...

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