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Review - Risto Rio Weightlifting Shoe / Oly Shoe Reviews

    The Rio marks Risto Sports fourth reiteration of their handmade weightlifting shoe. The Rio is not so much a new model as it is a more refined version of the previously launched Olimpico. They’ve gathered customer feedback and suggestions from the community and used them to implement a few minor but impactful changes.

Risto Weightlifting Shoe Review

    Nov 11, 2015 · Risto Weightlifting Shoe Review. Olympic Weightlifting newbies, and even some veterans, may be unfamiliar with a relatively new brand of weightlifting shoes. Risto has made a variety of series over the last few years and has become a favorite of many athletes.

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    First and only adidas powerlift 2.0 weightlifting womens shoes blue/red. This was the 2nd highest snatch in all of the USA for 2014 in official competition for women’s 69kg weight class. The only athlete to snatch higher was Jenny Arthur with 98kg. Gwendolyn Sisto lifts for Risto Sports, the premier weightlifting company in the world.

Risto Rio Weightlifting Shoes, 190kg Squat - YouTube

    Apr 30, 2014 · First time with Risto Rio. 190kg Squat. Excellent Weightlifting Shoes. http://www.ristosports.com/weightlift...

Risto Sports weightlifting shoe - How its made - YouTube

    Apr 25, 2013 · Go inside Risto Sports shoe factory and see how we make our fair trade, low carbon footprint, high performance weightlifting shoes. Narrated by Risto Sports Head Coach, Ivan Rojas.Author: ryctocopt

Spotlight on Risto Sports - Kickfurther

    Risto Sports creates weightlifting shoes and equipment with the help of elite athletes. KIckfurther helped finance inventory for their USA model.

Why Risto Sports weightlifting shoes are the best for you

    Dec 21, 2014 · Risto Sports Weightlifting shoe , Oly Shoe , weight lifting shoe Shoe to shoe Risto always wins When athletes try on our shoes and compare them to their current pair, overwhelmingly, lifters always remark how much more stable, comfortable our shoes.

Weightlifting Shoes Guide - Reviews, Videos & Comparisons

    The Risto Rio Olympic Lifting Shoe, released in 2014, is the Company's 4th model and the best looking one to date.... Topo Athletic RX Topo has burst onto the zero-drop scene with an interesting split-toe design intended for use in functional fitness applications.

The 5 Best Olympic Weightlifting Shoes for Lifting and ...

    It provides a snug and quick way to tighten the shoe. Risto Olimpico. Risto is a unique company with founders who have been very active in the sport of Olympic lifting. The shoes are handmade and come in a variety of colors (and even custom colors). Dmitry Klokov has been involved in helping them test their shoes …Author: Craig Marker

Risto sports out of business?? : weightlifting

    I've had my Risto Olympicos for a little over five years and love them. There's really nothing wrong with them, but I was thinking about getting new ones. On Instagram I saw someone asked engineer/world champion lifter/shoe designer Gwen Sisto, who is/was married to Ivan Rojas, the weightlifting coach who created the company/shoes, what ...

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