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Ken Patera Was the First American to Clean & Jerk 500 lbs ...
    He began seriously competing in weightlifting and won his first Junior Weightlifting National Championship. From 1970-1971, Patera won four gold medals competing at …

Ken Patera's Weightlifting Career and Routine
    The following piece of weightlifting history was written by Paul Ward in 1969. In this article you will learn Ken Patera's weightlifting background and workout routine - Mr. Berg "Frank and Dorothy Patera became the proud parents of Ken, November 6, 1943. He was a healthy lad and of average size. Ken attended Cleveland High School in Portland, Oregon.

Ken Patera Training Routine
    Ken Patera: "Weightlifting is a sport in which everyone needs coaching and most important, he needs people around who are enthusiastic and willing to help out. I trained at the LA YMCA during the winter of 1972 and picked up a lot of good advice from Bob Hise, Sr.

Ken Patera - 212.5kg Clean and Jerk - YouTube
    Feb 21, 2007 · Patera, in the shadows of Redding and Alexeev, lifts an impessive 212.5 - with plenty of squat to spare.

    Sep 26, 2017 · Olympic strongman Ken Patera demonstrates his amazing strength as he holds back a speeding truck with his legs!Author: Rob D

Where Are They Now? Ken Patera WWE
    A world-class weightlifter before entering the ring, Ken Patera was the first American man to clean and jerk 500 pounds and the second Superstar to capture the Intercontinental Championship, defeating Pat Paterson for the coveted title in 1980.

Back In The Day 485lb. Press - YouTube
    Aug 14, 2011 · Ken Patera doing a power clean, front squat and press.Author: Jim Moser

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