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Best rings to buy for home gym : bodyweightfitness - reddit
    Any wooden rings will do the job well. It is the straps that you should be picky with. I am on mobile plus I am too lazy to link, but Rogue fitness and a few other places have straps that have preset lengths in the straps so you always know that you rings are at an even height.

Ceiling mount for rings : homegym - reddit
    Jun 14, 2019 · ** Please join our chat room HERE.**. Welcome to r/homegym.A subreddit devoted to working out at home. THE RULES: 1. Be respectful and civil /r/homegym is a place to discuss homegyms in a civil manner. Personal attacks and unwanted sexual comments will not be tolerated.

Gym rings and hand size : bodyweightfitness - reddit
    some gymnastics rings (thanks to crossfit) have more girth. the thickness of some rings now are 1.25 inches. the federation international de gymnastique has its own standards for around 1.1 inch thickness. if you have small hands like i have (and most gymnasts do typically being short) then youll want rings with a 1.11 inch thickness. using rings that are too big wil make the false grip especially difficult. alot …

Why gymnastic rings are so good? : bodyweightfitness - reddit
    in general, when you're a beginner, stick to exercises below the rings, like pullups or rows. For exercises above the rings, like dips, you should make sure to have a decent foundation from other exercises. A proper support hold at the bare minimum. So please, don't just jump into dips on the rings, you're very likely to hurt yourself.

From the Beginner Routine to Antranik's Rings Routine - reddit
    The horizontal row is typically performed using gymnastic rings attached to a pull up bar, or on a barbell in a rack. If those aren't available when training your back at home, you can still perform the movement if you have access to two sturdy chairs, a table or some railings.

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