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Hearthome City Gym Pokémon Wiki Fandom

    Hearthome Gym (ヨスガジム Yosuga Jimu) Information Gym Leader Fantina Badge Type Region Sinnoh City Hearthome City Hearthome City Gym is the official Gym of Hearthome City. In Diamond and Pearl, it was the 5th gym. In Platinum, it was changed to the 3rd gym. The trainers here, including the Gym...

Where can I find the Gym leader in Hearthome City ...

    She should be in the Contest Hall. Once inside, she'll be somewhere nearby, so just walk a bit and talk to her when you do find her. If this is your first time entering Hearthome City, then don't worry about fighting her just yet, because she's the 5th Gym Leader and thus must be taken later on.

Pokémon Diamond, Part 15: There's No Place Like Hearthome ...

    May 17, 2012 · Welcome to Marriland's Pokémon Diamond Adventure! In this episode, I check out Hearthome City, run into the city's Gym Leader, but find out she's not ready for battles.Author: Marriland

Pokéarth - Sinnoh - Hearthome City

    Gym The Hearthome City Gym is the most changed gym in Sinnoh. In Diamond & Pearl, it was the fifth gym and opened up after you met Fantina in the Super Contest Hall. In the gym, you had to progress up multiple levels by opening doors and hoping it provided a lift upwards. If it didn't, you had to fight a trainer.

Let's Play Pokemon: Platinum - Part 12 - Hearthome Gym ...

    Aug 03, 2011 · The battle for the Relic Badge is on! In today's episode we go in search of Gym Leader Fantina in the Contest Hall, then we proceed to enter the third Gym! This gym consists of ghosts type Pokemon ...Author: PurpleRodri

Four badges and can't get fifth gym leader in hearthome ...

    Then go to Pastoria City and beat the gym leader there. Once you beat those gym leaders go through Route 212 and battle your pokemon until they reach about level 40 (Hearthome City's gym leaders highest level pokemon is in the mid 30s and they are psychic). Then go back to Hearthome and you should be able to fight her.

How do you get the Hearthome gym leader in Pokemon Diamond ...

    Mar 25, 2014 · To get to the sixth Gym Leader you will have to obtain the 5th Gym Badge from Hearthome City. To the west of Jubilife City, near a place called Canalave City, …

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