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10 Dumbbell Leg Workouts You Can Do At Home » Home Gym Build

    Apr 09, 2020 · Goblet squats are typically performed with a kettlebell, but a dumbbell makes a great alternative. This exercise primarily works the quads, calves, and glutes. Hold one dumbbell in the center of your body with both hands. Keep your elbows tucked in …

At-Home Leg Workouts For A Stronger Lower Body – Fitness Volt

    The leg extension machine is a popular gym staple, but you can do something very similar using nothing more than your body weight and a folded towel or exercise mat. How to do it: Kneel on the floor with your body and thighs vertical. Cross your arms over your chest.

Leg Exercises - Scooby's Home Workouts

    Here is a great exercise you can do at home to work out your legs, its the Goblet Chair Squat or GCS for short. All you need is a used set of dumbbells and a footstool. Its a good idea to make sure your core is strong before starting any sort of squat to help prevent back pain or back injuries.

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