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Gym Vs. Home : Fitness - reddit
    The home gym didn't really change my workout frequency or lifting program, but it shaved about 45 minutes of non-value-added time from each workout by eliminating the ride to/from the gym and having to wait for equipment to be available. With less overall time commitment, it's easy to stay on my routine,...

Home Gym: Discuss and show off your home gym ... - reddit
    Between Today, August 29th and September 15th, simply comment below with a link to photos of your home gym. If you have recently submitted a post here at r/HomeGym, just comment with that link below. If you have posted your gym in the past, but the pics need …

Home Gym: Discuss and show off your home gym ... - Reddit
    Disclaimer: Building a home gym can be very costly and time consuming. Make sure that lifting is something that you plan on doing long term before making the investment. Take time to learn about the sport. Join a local gym and try out lifting for 6 months to a few years. There are lots of way to get good exercises.

For those of us that workout at home with limited ... - reddit
    Live class tonight 8:30pm GMT link below in comments. Great for a post workout or just to help you relax and de stress.

People with a home gym: was it worth it? : Fitness - reddit
    People with a home gym: was it worth it? Close. 535. Posted by 4 years ago. Archived. People with a home gym: was it worth it? For those who bought a home gym, do you feel it was worth the cost? Why or why not? It would help if you give a rough idea how much you spent also, thanks. ... help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts.

What is the best workout routine to do at home ... - reddit
    Former Marine here, this stuff works. The hardest part is the discipline it takes to maintain a regular routine, consistently. If you exercise like this several days per week, and cut out crap foods and eat properly, drink a ton of water and get plenty of sleep, you will be rewarded with overall fitness. It's not magic, it just takes discipline.

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