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Fit to be in love: a couples workout plan – G&G Fitness ...
    The Best Couples Workout Plan (without equipment) Warm-up for five minutes with calisthenics. Pushups- 5 sets (however many reps you can do that is challenging, but not until failure). Squats- 5 sets (same as pushups). Reverse crunches- 4 sets (do reps until you feel the burn but not until total ...

The Perfect Total-Body Workout for Couples - Shape Magazine
    Step up your workout sessions and show your man a thing or two with these fun and effective partner exercises that’ll strengthen your bodies and your relationship. How it works: On two or three non-consecutive days a week, perform each move in order, resting no more than 30-60 seconds between exercises.Author: Jessica Matthews

Couple Workout -- Partner Workout Exercises Fitness Magazine
    Home / Workout Routines / Weight Loss Workouts / Full Body Pair Up and Slim Down: The Couple Workout Quit the cuddling and spend some QT time at the gym instead.

The His and Hers Workout to Do With ... - Muscle & Fitness
    Best case is that they become permanent workout partners. This program contains two dedicated workouts—a push day and a pull day—that couples can do together to build muscle and burn fat but it is bolstered by days that call for individual, detail-oriented work.

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