Barbell Chain Collars

Let’s talk about such an important thing in our trainig gear as barbell chain collars. What’s their point? Why are they important? Well, at least, because of convenience, safety or even some aesthetic feel.

Barbell Chain Collars

What advantages do we get?

  • Manipulation speed
  • Fixing reliability
  • Safety

While all the advantages of weight lifting chain collars seem obvious, let’s discuss them in a little more detail.

Convenience-wise It is important how fast you can release or put on your chains, especially when you’re doing drop sets. Because the faster you remove the collars and adjust the weight, the shorter a break in the load will be. And messing with chains for too long is no fun anyways.

Reliable fixation is something that relates to the usability of your barbell chains directly. Have you ever dealt with dangling chains that always keep sliding off the bar? Well, if you have and it really bothers you, barbell chain collars are the best way to get rid of such problem and secure the chains.

Safety is not just a word, especially when you have to deal with heavy metal chains. Slipping dangling chains can not only cause a lot of inconvenience while exercising but in some situations become a real risk for your life. You know what happens when the chain slides off, right? Yep, one side of the barbell gets instantly unloaded and this means no good for anyone around.

What do we want our collars be made of?

Important to mention that you also need to pay attention to what material the collars are made of and what kind of retainer they have. These parameters can affect both the convenience and the functional qualities of the thing.

Collar Material







Light weight, durability




Unpredictable service life


Light weight, durability

Can deform over time


Reliable fixation

Installation speed could be better


Durability, reliability

Rust if not stainless, pretty rare these days

Screw with carbines

Reliability, convenience

Installation speed could be better

What have we learned today?

After reading this you may conclude that the use of barbell chain collars is highly desirable. Sure, some newbies or people on a budget may want to temporarily neglect collars. But if you use chains regularly and want to push your results further, then buying some quality and reliable collars is an important thing to do.

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 2 reviews
by Bill Burrman on Weight Lifting Chains
Location (City, State): Lawrence, KS

Security is what collars give you. Unlike just wrapping chains around the bar, collars let you not bother wheter something slips off. Yes, also pay attention to the make quality. Make sure the pin mechanism is reliable enough to let your collars last longer.

by Stewart Dawes on Weight Lifting Chains
Location (City, State): Columbus, OH

It's always nice to have collars. Once I saw a chain slip off the bar and it was a disaster.

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