Best Chains for Weightlifting – Top 5 Review 2019

Chains for weightlifting have long ceased to be a novelty and are present in any decent gym nowadays. Those who have tried chains before already know that can do a lot apart from just diversifying the routine, but can also directly affect the strength, speed and stability. If you found this article for a reason, most likely you want to know which chains are the best of those available on the market today.

Our Personal Preferences

After writing this article, we can say that choosing at least the five contestants really worthy in terms of quality and characteristics was not so easy. Usually the balance between usability and durability is very much compromised for the sake of price. Anyways, we still managed to pick out the leaders.

The best weightlifting chains in our opinion are the RopeFit Steel made from rust resistant galvanized steel. We want to note a good delivery set, because along with the chains you also get 4” connectors.

Another contender for sympathy is the Valor Fitness LC-53 set. It includes a pair of 5.5” chains, a locking pin and has 54 lbs. of total weight.

The best value powerlifting chain set in our humble opinion is the Advantage Rigging Set. Its main advantage is that it contains three separate lengths of chains, and a series of hooks, which give more configurations for easy weight control.

Top 5 Weightlifting Chains

So based on our experience, we have compiled a table:

Product NamePriceDurabilityOverallWhere to Buy
#1. RopeFit Steel4.5/54.7/54.6/5Check Price
#2. Valor Fitness LC-53 Steel4.5/54.5/54.5/5Check Price
#3. Ader Fitness Steel4.2/54.5/54.35/5Check Price
#4. Advantage Rigging4.6/54/54.3/5Check Price
#5. TAP Lifting4.2/54.2/54.2/5Check Price

The Top 5 in Details

Now let’s look at each of the contestants in more detail.

#1. RopeFit Steel

RopeFit Steel weight lifting chains material is galvanized steel, durable and rust resistant. Available in a wide range of sizes, from 28 to 60 lbs. Each set includes a 4’’ connecting chain and two carabiners.

Keep in mind that Rope Fit do not supply collars.

RopeFit bench press chains are easy to adjust. The range of weights and sizes available gives you decent flexibility and has a variety of applications.



  • High quality materials
  • Includes a connecting link
  • Includes carabiners


  • No collars included

#2. Valor Fitness LC-53 Steel

Valor Fitness LC-53 Steel Chains Set includes two 5.5’’ chains. Each chain has a solid locking pin. A chain connecting system consists of a durable nut and bolt. The individual links are 2.5’ long. The 2-chain set weights 53 lbs.

Nice to mention that Valor Fitness LC-53 Steel Chains are both durable and not too expensive for what they give.

Keep in mind that the chrome plating looks cool but can and will wear over time depending on the intensity of use.




  • High durability
  • Solid locking system


  • Chrome plating wears off

#3. Ader Fitness Steel

Ader Fitness Steel weightlifting chains are high durable due to materials used. It is heavy duty, forged steel with all its pros and cons. This specific model has collars attached which is handy. To prevent rust the manufacturer has chains dipped in oil to give them an oxide black finish. The total chain length is 5″. The collars are zinc plated and come with a tension knob.

Keep in mind that Ader Fitness Steel chains may get rusty over time when being kept of used in a room with high humidity.

The set you buy includes two chain and collars. The total set weight is 45 lbs.



  • Handy collars
  • Reasonable price


  • May get rusty over time

#4. Advantage Rigging

Advantage Rigging Weightlifting Chains come in 3 lengths of 6”. The weight of each chain is 15 lbs. This set includes a series of hooks for quick and easy attachment.

Keep in mind that Advantage Rigging set does not include collars.

Advantage Rigging Weightlifting Chains have bronze plating. Apart from looking really nice and stylish, such kind of plating also helps to prevent rust.



  • Bronze plating looks great
  • Reasonable price


  • No collars included

#5. TAP Lifting

TAP lifting chains are 5” long with the individual chain weigh around 26.5 lbs. each. Made of stainless steel, these TAP Lifting heavy duty chains are durable and rust resistant.

Keep in mind that no connectors are included. You will have to get a spare pair of collars elsewhere.

The reason why we put this set so low in our rating is that they are not the most affordable on the market, though the price is reasonable overall you still may get a better option. This does not relate to the quality of chains, they do exactly what you want them to do anytime you need.



  • Durable
  • Rust resistant


  • Could be cheaper


As you can see looking for best chains may be challenging if not impossible. Each model presented here has both pros and cons and it is up to you which set to choose. We just hope our review will help you make your choice easier.


About Benjamin Clarkson

As a former professional weightlifter, Ben has come a long way in using a wide variety of equipment and training techniques, including weightlifting chains. His experience and knowledge is a valuable contribution to our team that can bring immense benefit to any visitor to his classes. Despite the image of a stern man, Ben actually demonstrates himself not only as a very understanding instructor, but also a cheerful and funny friend. If you have questions to Benjamin, just ask your question using the form.


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Weight Lifting Chains
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by Devon Blake on Weight Lifting Chains
Location (City, State): Buffalo, NY

I still don't think there is much of a difference anyways. Chains are chains. Some are better, some are not. What really matters is how you utilize what they give you and how long they can last.

by Richard Dryer on Weight Lifting Chains
Location (City, State): Aberdeen, TX

I remember when I first started using chains, I had to buy regular cargo chains at Home Depot. They did their job well, but had obvious problems with usability. It is very nice to see that ready-made solutions keep appearing on the market to make our job easier.

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