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The variety of training gear is quite extensive these days. It is being constantly updated with all new equipment units designed to make your workouts more effective and exciting. And as practice shows, the most valuable invention of the recent years which can significantly diversify your routine is weightlifting chains.

Our team has done a great job learning how to use this tool effectively and is ready to share this new knowledge with you. Stay tuned, and you will be given all of the answers on how to improve your workouts and make your body stronger and healthier.

WeightLiftingChains Team

Jake Rowen

Our workout instructor. Despite the fact that workout, as well as calisthenics, promotes training in the most accessible form with a minimum of additional equipment, even Jake, one of the most convinced practitioners, do not refuse standard strength training. He is always saying that regular strength exercises not only shape the body but also harden the spirit as well. His classes reveal all the strengths and weaknesses of his clients, allowing them to balance their inner powers and steer them in a positive direction.

Stacy Sanders

She is the life and soul of our team. Her positive attitude and energy projects joy at all her colleagues and clients. As a happy mother, Stacy once took the risk and quit her quiet life of an office employee to get involved in something way different from what she was doing before. That’s how she became a fitness coach. Despite the fear of the unknown, intense fitness training with weightlifting chains not only allowed her to improve her own body but also change her views and sparked the desire to share her experience with others.

Victor Meadeu

“A hard body and sharp mind,” Victor says. As our crossfit instructor, he remains the main source of motivation for our team to use weightlifting chains in all kinds of routines. He keeps creating new methods and approaches to training with the only goal – to gain the maximum possible progress. Yep, he is a hard nut, bold and uncompromising, yet very sensitive to his clients’ needs. If you wanna build up your stamina and get a better body – allow Victor to be your guide. Sweats, gains, and fun are included!

Benjamin Clarkson

As a former professional weightlifter, Ben has come a long way in using a wide variety of equipment and training techniques, including weightlifting chains. His experience and knowledge became a valuable contribution to our team that can offer tremendous benefits to any visitor of his classes. Despite the image of a grumpy man, Ben actually acts not only as a very attentive instructor but also a cheerful and funny friend.